Production-grade development environments with coding analytics to

train software developers

Launch environments fast, without managing infrastructure

Code Pilot gives you functionality like a configurable cloud-based IDE, zero install, and analytics so you can focus on your users.

A comprehensive testing and training platform

We build hands-on keyboard developer training

Code Pilot supports dozens of components including code editors, CLI's, servers, data science frameworks, and Jupyter notebooks giving each user a dedicated environment, identical to the technologies they use every day.

Users launch environments on our platform 

Give users a simple, easy way to launch environments without the setup hassle. Incorporate hands-on training and tasks for users to code, run, and evaluate quickly and seamlessly.

You monitor the progress and track analytics

Keystroke dynamics, exceptions, syntax errors, successful compilations and code changes, are just some of the data points tracked by our Deep Learning engine and converted into analytics and insights.

Use your favorite platforms and languages

(401 and counting)

Solutions to common challenges

Equip employees with team specific training, then monitor the onboarding progress and get them up and running faster.

Give learners a hands-on way to test comprehension and practice coding, then find ways to improve the content and curriculum.

Demonstrate product capabilities and get an in-depth understanding of usability by tracking user events, drop off, and make changes. 

Trusted by the most innovative teams

Our customers include online education companies, technology companies, and engineering teams who use Code Pilot to help answer questions like, How capable is this job applicant in coding against our stack? and How well did this individual understand the training at a coding level?

Developer Education

as it should be

Code Pilot, 2019