Transform your business with Code Pilot AI Accelerators

Innovate faster using best practices preconfigured models, integration services from applied AI/ML experts, and web applications and monitoring tools.

What It Is

Learn and form conclusions with imperfect data. Interpret meaning of data including text, voice, images. Interact with people in natural ways

Why It Matters 

Leverage your unique data and augment your business in new, unimaginable ways. Interpret business and customer data in real time and scale including text, docs, images, video, voiceRemove technology barriers with customers and multiply employee capabilities.

Where It's Going

The future of AI promises a new era of disruption and productivity, where human ingenuity is enhanced by speed and precision. Engage your customers, transform your products, enable your employees, and optimize your operations.

Build with a comprehensive Code Pilot AI solution accelerator

Ready-to-deploy AI solutions that address common business scenarios 

Use common, preconfigured solutions to accelerate your AI projects and jump ahead of the competition. These scenarios include product recommendations, personalizing the customer experience, sentiment analysis, and fraud detection.

Learn the basics of artificial intelligence for your business 

Reduce the overall risk and effort involved in deploying production AI solutions

Our accelerators include ready-to-train models, integration services, web applications, and monitoring tools. Bring flexibility to your solution by connecting devices and operating systems you already use.

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Train, ready, and enable your employees for continuous development

Collect and analyze your device data with advanced analytics to reveal insights that lead to better informed business decisions. Our accelerators include interactive training content to help you prepare to continue development of your AI solution. 

Learn how team readiness and training can improve project ROI

AI Solutions and Accelerators

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