Production-grade development environments with coding analytics to

ready and train your software   development skills

Accelerate your next AI project using Code Pilot

Code Pilot's AI Accelerators are complete, ready-to-deploy AI solutions that address common business scenarios. These scenarios include product recommendations, personalizing the customer experience, sentiment analysis, and fraud detection.

Launch environments fast, without managing infrastructure

Code Pilot gives you functionality like a configurable cloud-based IDE, zero install, and analytics so you can focus on what matters most, learning.

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A comprehensive readiness and training platform

We build comprehensive, interactive training

Code Pilot supports dozens of components including code editors, CLI's, servers, data science frameworks, and Jupyter notebooks giving each user a dedicated environment, identical to the technologies they use every day.

Users launch live environments on our platform 

Give users a simple, easy way to launch environments without the setup hassle. Incorporate hands-on training and tasks for users to code, run, and evaluate quickly and seamlessly.

You monitor the progress and track ROI

Keystroke dynamics, exceptions, syntax errors, successful compilations and code changes, are just some of the data points tracked by our Deep Learning engine and converted into analytics and insights.

"Code Pilot just makes sense. Their training was the best I've ever experienced.”

Jesse Thompson  I  Lead Developer at Life by Spot

Use your favorite platforms and languages

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Featured Previews

Learn AWS Lambda

Learn to build and deploy your own AWS Lambda based Serverless API using Python in a VSCode environment.

Learn Data Science

Learn to train and test your own TensorFlow based neural network using the Fashion MNIST data set and Python in a Jupyter notebook based environment.

Learn Docker

Learn to build and publish Docker images using the Docker CLI and Docker files.

Trusted by the most innovative teams

Our customers include online education companies, technology companies, and engineering teams who use Code Pilot to help answer questions like, How capable is this developer in coding against our stack? and How well did this developer understand the training at a practical level?

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